Bipin Basnet

Bipin Basnet has been working in Practical Action Consulting South Asia Regional office as an Energy Associate for over a year.  He has also carried out analysis, preparation and coordinated activities for household, community and facilities energy surveys and research. Mr Basnet was part of a team to design and devise new Nepal Renewable Energy Framework for 2018-2023 for Nepal Government. He has managed and contributed in a number of assignments in: policy research, climate change impact assessment, women entrepreneurship development etc. in various small-scale renewable energy system.
During his Master’s studies at the University of Glasgow, he was part of a team on Scottish Water Horizon which carried a research on inserting small-scale hydrodynamic system into a number of wastewater treatment facilities of Scotland. Mr. Basnet also has around 3 years of experience of undertaking extensive work on assessment, design and management of small and large hydropower projects in Nepal. He has experience in working feasibility, detail design and environmental assessment of the hydel as well as management of development projects in Nepal.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund under grant agreement n° EP/P029531/1.
| The research presented in this website has undergone ethical approval at Coventry University reference: P61091.