Dr. Jelte Harnmeijer

Jelte grew up in sub-Saharan Africa, and lived and worked in Australia, Greenland, the Himalayas and Caledonia before moving to a small island in the Pacific Northwest. He is a systems thinker and practitioner who strongly believes in integrating research with implementation. In this spirit, Jelte specialises in distributed low-carbon energy solutions.

Jelte is a Founding Partner at Scene Consulting (http://sceneconsulting.com), an international consultancy that assists non-specialists in meeting their renewable energy development objectives. Jelte focuses on how community renewables can help address pressing challenges such as food and fuel poverty, inequality, and global climate destabilisation. He holds concurrent fellowships in Carbon Economics and Carbon Finance at the University of Edinburgh, through the Schools of Economics, Business and Geosciences. He recently worked at the behest of two consecutive Energy Ministers on energy storage policy.

Jelte’s research achievements include papers in Nature, Nature Geoscience and PNAS; as well as fellowships spanning the fields of Carbon Finance, Renewables, and the Economics of Climate Change. He has experience in managing complex projects involving diverse consortia and stakeholders, and an established track record in the development of low-carbon electricity and heat projects, including anaerobic digestion, hydro, solar PV, wind and wood biomass.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund under grant agreement n° EP/P029531/1.
| The research presented in this website has undergone ethical approval at Coventry University reference: P61091.