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Interdisciplinary approaches to energy provision

The HELP project brings together academics, researchers, practitioners and services providers from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives including engineering, computer studies, energy policy, geography and political science.

This theme, which cuts across all aspects of the project, focuses on the extent an interdisciplinary approach to energy projects can develop synergy between technology and humanity. To what extent will an integration of multiple epistemic standpoints and methodological positions generate holistic, sustainable and safe access to energy in displaced camps? What are the narratives that emerge on energy in a refugee setting when the fields of Social Sciences and STEM combine? What are the benefits in an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange when conceptualising, delivering and monitoring energy projects?

The research leading to these results has received funding from the EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund under grant agreement n° EP/P029531/1.
| The research presented in this website has undergone ethical approval at Coventry University reference: P61091.